FEA Activities

  • 27 August 2019 Workshop - Introduction to Verification FE Analysis using midas NFX

    This FEA workshop focuses on strength verification analyses using FEA software. The training gives main FEA guidelines for designers which like to verify 3D CAD geometries against future loads to assure design safety conditions. An introduction to basic applied mechanics will be given reinforced by practical simulation examples made by midas NFX software. Registration and/or more information is available using midasNFX@femcomp.se . The workshop agenda is as below.

  • 30 August 2019 - FEMAP v2019.1 Update Seminar

    Simcenter FEMAP v2019.1 is the latest release of the standalone finite element modeling pre- and post-processor for engineering simulation and analysis. FEMAP, a part of the Simcenter Portfolio, is CAD independent and works in combination with a wide variety of finite element analysis solvers, including the industry-leading NX Nastran application. The latest version of FEMAP provides many new features and customer driven enhancements and includes updates in the following areas: User interface and visualization, Geometry, Meshing, Post-processing and Solver support.

    Simcenter FEMAP v2019.1 Update Seminar invites you to very exciting day with simulation of engineering problems using FEA technique and latest enhancements of FEMAP release. Seminar Agenda is available below. For seminar registration or additional information please use femapsupport@femcomp.se

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