FEA Activities

  • midas NFX Structural FEA Made Easy

    midas NFX Structural FEA Made Easy training includes practical guidelines for effective finite element modeling and solutions of linear and nonlinear structural engineering problems. Training introduces also methods midas NFX uses for solution of nonlinear phenomena as geometry, material and contact behaviors as well as results evaluation of structural advanced FEA.

  • FEMAP FEA Getting Started

    FEMAP FEA Getting Started Course includes the lectures and examples focusing on three important FEA features: modeling of FEA, setup of analysis and results evaluation using FEMAP Software. Practical exercises will be given in purpose to learn how to develop FEA model, setup analysis and evaluate/understand results from FE analyses. 

  • ADINA for FEMAP – Solver Introduction Webinar

    ADINA from ADINA R&D, Inc. is a unified software system for finite element analysis of structures, heat transfer, fluids, electromagnetism, fluid-structure interactions and multi-physics. ADINA offers a comprehensive set of solution capabilities for solving linear and highly nonlinear, static/dynamic structural problems which may include large deformations/strains, severe material non-linearities and contact conditions. To use ADINA with FEMAP allows many ADINA capabilities, including CFD and FSI analyses, to be run with FEMAP.

  • midas MESHFREE – Introduction to Designer FEA Webinar

    midas MESHFREE is a new 3-D Design and Analysis MIDAS tool developed through the collaboration with SAMSUNG Electronics. It performs simulation of the originally designed model without any modification. MESHFREE uses the latest, efficient and effective numerical analysis algorithm that can simulate the original 3-D CAD model itself.

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