FEA Software

  • CAD-independent


    FEMAP is a CAD independent Windows-native pre- and post processor for both standard and advanced engineering finite element analyses (FEA). FEMAP provides high-quality support for industry standard solvers, including NX Nastran, Autodesk Nastran, MSC/MDNastran, Abaqus, Ansys, MSC.Marc, LS-DYNA, SINDA and TMG.

  • NX Nastran

    NX Nastran - general purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver capable to simulate and solve a broad range of engineering problems in many different industries. Femap with NX Nastran package seamlessly combines the advanced functionality of windows-native Femap pre and post processor with the powerfull NX Nastran solver

  • midas NFX

    midas NFX provides a high-performance finite element pre-processor that represents an interactive and visual environment to analyze design behavior. Through series of steps from generating an analysis model using a CAD model to analyzing its response to generation of an automatic report, midas NFX guides the users to effectively conduct the entire process of analysis and evaluation of results.

  • SimWise4D

    SimWise4D is a software tool that combines 3D multi-body dynamic motion simulation with 3D finite element analysis and optimization in a Windows based, CAD neutral product.

  • SDC Verifier

    SDC Verifier or the Structural Design Code Verifier is a powerful postprocessor extension for FEA software suite Femap™, Simcenter and Ansys which automates the full FEA workflow.

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