Simcenter Femap 2023.1 Release

Simcenter™ Femap™ software is an advanced finite element modeling (FEM) software application used as a pre- and post-processor for engineering simulation and analysis. Advanced workflows in Simcenter Femap enable analysts to model components, assemblies, and systems, and digitally analyze a model’s response under real-world conditions.

Simcenter Femap 2301 introduces key features and updates to enhance your productivity and collaboration, streamlining your design processes for geometry, meshing, analysis, and postprocessing. With the Command Finder, you can save time by quickly and easily searching for current and new commands within Simcenter Femap. Additionally, the Applications Programming Interface (API) has been expanded to provide programmatic access to more functionality for the purpose of automation and customization.

Newly added features and enhancements include:

  • Direct integration with Teamcenter to facilitate collaboration
  • Unified graphics architecture for improved performance
  • Streamlined creation of entities for element addition and removal
  • Greater flexibility during the mid-surfacing workflow
  • Deeper understanding of results via computed vectors


More about news from Simcenter Femap v2023.1 Release in Fact Sheet below.

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