Business History

FEMComp Engineering AB

The Swedish IT Company FEMComp Engineeirng AB was founded in 1994 by Dr Tadeusz Chmielewski in connection to distribution and support of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software FEMAP in Sweden och Poland.

During the summer 1999 FEMComp extended the range of the products and began to distribute also other FE codes like NEi Nastran Product Line from NEi Software Inc., on a wider Business Area (BA).

In 2007 FEMComp Engineering AB became Siemens Industry Software Solution Partner in connection to distribution of Femap with NX Nastran FEA package in whole Scandinavia.

At the summer 2012 FEMComp Engineering AB became also Midas IT Business Partner in connection to distribution and support of their mechanical FEA solution package midas NFX

In 2013 our company became SDC Verifier Business Partner in connection to distribution of its SDC Verifier, a powerful postprocessor extension for Simcenter Femap which automates the full FEA workflow.

At the summer 2017 we became Scandinavian Distributors of SimWise4D from Design Simulation Technologies, DST. SimWise4D is a software package for Motion Simulation, Stress Analysis and Optimization and an effective tool for designers and engineers developing products involving assemblies of 3D parts.

Our Business is focusing on :

  • Marketing and Distribution of Modern FEA Codes
  • Customer Services and Support - to find and secure the Optimal Solution for each Customer using the latest FEM Technology
  • Product Support and Education
  • FEA Computation Services

The Headquarters of the company is located in Vaesteras, 100 km Northwest from Stockholm the Swedish Capital.


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