Simcenter Femap 2022.1 Release

Simcenter™ Femap™ software is a standalone finite element modelling (FEM) pre- and postprocessor for engineering simulation and analysis. The software is computer-aided design (CAD) independent and can import geometry from all major CAD platforms. The latest release provides a variety of enhancements that will improve your productivity across the simulation workflow.

Building on the advanced meshing capabilities added for Simcenter Femap 2021.2, this version sees the addition of automated hex-dominant meshing technology which eliminates the need for geometry simplification and subdivision typically required to create a high-quality hex-dominant mesh.

Support for Kinematic Joints and Flexible Sliders, available in Simcenter Nastran’s Multi-Step Nonlinear Kinematic solution, has been added to better capture the real-world behaviour of assembly models which contain parts which move relative to one another.

A new solution monitor optimized to provide valuable real-time feedback for Simcenter Nastran’s Multistep solutions is also now available.

Finally, updates to the user interface designed to improve overall user experience in various areas, such as controlling display options, entity selection, grouping, and accessing the modernized Online Help System, have been implemented.


  • Automated hex-dominant meshing for streamlined creation of models representing solid parts
  • Kinematic Joints and Flexible Sliders required to perform flexible body dynamic analysis, without the need for a motion solver, are now supported
  • Enhanced Simulation Monitor provides live feedback of simulation progress and data, including displacements, energy, contact, and time steps
  • User Interface improvements provide access to a modern Online Help system, along with new options to control display and assist in entity selection

For a detailed description of all the new features found in this release, please open the below Fact Sheet.

  • Simcenter Femap 2022.1 — Hex-Dominant Mesher

    Simcenter Femap 2022.1 — Hex-Dominant Mesher

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