Simcenter FEMAP 2020.2 Released

Simcenter™ Femapversion 2020.2 is the latest user-focused release of Femap containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide, along with important fixes for known issues.  The software is referred to as Simcenter Femap to reflect that it is a part of the Simcenter portfolio of Siemens CAE products. For the same reason, NX™ Nastran® software is now Simcenter™ Nastran®. Simcenter™ Femap™ latest release provides a variety of improvements that will improve your productivity across the simulation workflow.

  • The latest release provides a variety of enhancements that will improve your productivity across the simulation workflow. First and foremost, performance improvements throughout Femap should lead to greater productivity and quality of user experience, especially for those working with larger models
  • The modelling process, whether starting with CAD geometry that requires defeaturing before being idealized or updating the existing mesh of a legacy model imported from a solver input file, has become more capable, robust, and consistent.  
  • Direct interaction between Femap and Microsoft Excel provides seamless transfer of data used for both pre and post-processing activities, including the ability to quickly send large amounts of output directly to a formatted worksheet.  
  • There are also several updates to solver integration for the multi-step nonlinear and aeroelasticity solution sequences of Nastran®, as well as updates for Ansys®, Abaqus® and LS-DYNA®.

Complete details of the new features and addressed issues in Femap v2020.2 (as well as all releases back to v10.0) can be found in the /pdf/readme.pdf file that is installed with Femap v2020.2. or in the below copy. Summary of news and enhancements is presented in Femap v2020.2 brochure Maximizing Simulation Productivity below

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