midas NFX 2020R1 Released

midas NFX 2020R1 has been released. The midas NFX provides a fully integrated, multidisciplinary FEM based solution that allows facing the various scope of challenges in a widely understood mechanical engineering field. The midas NFX 2020R1 enhances the application area and usability of existing functions.

The main enhancements of version 2020R1 are following:

Structural Module Improvements

  • CAD Interface update
  • Function – general improvements
  • Load/Constraint Reference Restraint

CFD Module Improvements

  • Non-Newtonian fluid
  • Independent Initial condition setting for multiple domains
  • CFD Solver - Save and Stop option

For more details, please refer to the attached release notes.

Would you like to know more about midas NFX software, please contact us using midasnfx@femcomp.se 

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