FEMAP V11.4 Released!

FEMAP V11.4 has been released.

FEMAP v11.4 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes. Details of the contents of this release can be found in the readme.pdf file below or after installallation of the program in PDF folder. 

Similar to all previous releases of FEMAP, dongle based customer will have to get upgrade codes in order to run v11.4. Customers licensed via FLEXlm must update the FLEXlm software on the license server and acquire an updated license file for FEMAP v11.4 to run.

FEMAP V11.4 provides a number of enhancements including amount others

  • A new Function/Table Editor to facilitate creation of simple two-column XY functions and more complicated multi-column tables used for various purposes
  • The new Vector Manager and Plane Manager to allow users to store vectors and planes in the database for later use during commands
  • To simplify breaking any number of selected curves, at all intersections of the selected curves, FEMAP 11.4 offers the Modify, Break, At All Intersections command
  • For Charting, functionality was added to allow the user to display both components of complex results, Magnitude and Phase or Real and Imaginary, on the same Chart
  • Finally, a useful option was added to the Draw/Erase Toolbar which allows the user to choose entities to display from only the entities which are currently visible, instead of the entire model
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