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Welcome to FEMAP Tips & Tricks!

Please find below a number of FEMAP tips and tricks found by "users for users" for efficient and smart FEA modelling. Do you have or use your own tips and tricks, please send them to femapsupport@femcomp.se and we will publish them on this site. 

  • Geometry and Mesh Associativity

    In Femap it is possible to reinstall mesh-geometry associations for efficient definition, check and verification of boundary conditions and mesh quality control. Let’s see the video which shows how it can be done in Femap.

  • Entity Visualization using Selector Toolbar

    For selection, visualization and use of entity Femap Selector Toolbar is very useful. Choosing Select Related is a very convenient way to filter any related entity to selected entity. Let’s see video which shows a selection in Femap.

  • Creation of Global Plies

    In the analysis of composites, the Global Plies are very useful and helping to post-process the results. Let’s see the video which shows the tolls used in Femap.

  • Model Bounding Box

    During modelling of structures Femap uses number of parameters e.g. merging tolerance or deformation scale factor, which are referred to diagonal distance of model bounding box. Quick information about Model Extents can be found running List, Model Info command. Let’s see video the measure used in Femap.

  • Mesh Splitting

    In Femap it’s possible to split the mesh to propagate through the model. It’s very convenient way to increase quality of the FEA solution and accuracy of the results. Let’s see the video how it can be done.

  • Worst Element Visualization

    For model solid mesh quality evaluation and visual inspection of the worst elements the Meshing Toolbox, Locator and Search For, Elements, Quality options can be very helpful. Let’s see the video how it can be done.

  • Element Selection by Face

    For selection of the FEA model entities many different tolls can be used in Femap. Selection of FEA entities (e.g. elements) for the model without geometry can be managed by Element Selection by Face. Let’s see the video how it can be done.

  • Entity ID Contouring

    For verification of the FEA model many different visualization tools are used in Femap. For example, the assignment of the colors to the model Entity IDs gives possibility to quick check of the model entity numbers. Let’s see the video how it can be done.

  • How to create Constraint Equations?

    For definition of relationship between model nodal Degrees of Freedom (DOF) constraint equations (Nastran MPC Equations) can be created in Femap. Let’s see the video how it can be done.

  • Saving Layouts and Views

    For presentation and/or documentation of FEA models and/or results, the management of layouts and views is very important. Femap can save and load multiply model graphics. Let’s see the video how it can be done

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