FEA Education

FEMComp Engineering AB arranges Basic and Advanced FEA/CAE courses, workshops and seminars. The current education activities are listed below.

  • 2018 FEA Training Schedule

    We arrange a number of CAE/FEA courses during 2018. Current Training List for 2018 is available. 

  • FEMAP NX Nastran FEA courses

    We arrange different FEMAP and NX Nastran FEA courses which cover among others the following topics

    • Introductory course to FEMAP and NX Nastran package
    • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using FEMAP
    • How to perform structural analyses using FEA program?
    • Practical FEA Modelling using FEMAP & NX Nastran package
    • FEMAP Modeling of Connections
    • FEMAP Meshing Techniques
    • How to set up Dynamic FE Analyses using FEMAP?
    • How to interpret FEA results?
  • midas NFX FEA courses

    We offer the following midas NFX FEA courses

    • midas NFX Basic Modeling of FEA
    • midas NFX Introduction to Dynamics
    • midas NFX Introduction to Nonlinear FEA
  • SE Simulation courses

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