FEA Activities

  • 3 July 2018 FEMAP Webinar - Real FEA Made Easy

    FEMAP  Webinar - Real FEA Made Easy invites you to very exciting world of simulation of engineering problems using FEA technique. Within an hour of your time we will show you how to simulate, check and analyse design problems without leaving the design office or visiting your workshop and without any additional costs connected to real experiments.

    The webinar will focus on FEMAP software and its application in the industry. For webinar registration please use femapsupport@femcomp.se

  • 30-31 August 2018 - midas NFX CAE - Introduction to Nonlinear FEA

    midas NFX CAE - Introduction to Nonlinear FEA training gives an introduction to finite element modeling and solutions of nonlinear engineering problems. Training introduces midas NFX as a powerful tool for modeling of nonlinear phenomena including geometry, material and contact nonlinear behavior as well as gives guidelines to effective modeling, solution and results evaluation of advanced FEA.

  • 27-28 September 2018 - FEMAP Meshing and PostProcessing of FEA

    FEMAP Meshing and PostProcessing of FEA training will offer the lectures focusing on two important FEA features - model meshing and evaluation of FEA results. Practical exercises will be given to learn how to develop correct model mesh and how to understand results from FE analyses. 

  • 10 October 2018 - NX Nastran Nonlinear Contact FEA Workshop

    NX Nastran for Femap Nonlinear Contact FEA Workshop gives an overview of NX Nastran Nonlinear Contact Modeling using Femap Modeler. The workshop includes practical exercises on Basic and Advanced Nonlinear Modeling and Solutions of FEA according to the below agenda.

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